Veteran Marketers Scream 
...As Immigrant From Sh*thole Country Scales Clickbank Wall To Bank $12,500.49 In 30 Days...
And Did I Say He's Only Been At It 30 Days?!
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"Disclaimer: I Don't Have A Lamborghini!"
best clickbank products to promote 2020
I'm not there yet. And to be honest...

I'm not sure I want to own a Lambo. 

Growing up the youngest of 4 guys, I got so many flashy hand-me-downs that these days, flashy things make me sick.

So...if you're the kind of person who only listens to guys with Lambos? I may not be your guy.


But if the idea of an extra $100, $200, $500...maybe even $1000 per day seems good to you, then give me your mind.


I'm about to show you something over the next few minutes. 

For example, most immigrants like me are working to death, running 16-hour shifts in plantation-like jobs...sorry, warehouses across the country.

Now, if you stick with me till the end, I will show you the ONE KEY SECRET that helped me escape these new world plantations, and instead, pays me a humble 5 figures per month on Clickbank -PLUS how you can do it too, if you really, really want it.

Even if you have already purchased every big-name gooroo's program out there without result. 

Before we begin, you need to understand where I am coming from, and why you prolly never heard of me till today.

My story below...
From: Waju Abraham
Location:  Somewhere in the Midwest, USA
My plane shuddered in the wind as the pilot made to land in Chicago that morning of April 4, 2019. It was raining.

Unlike most people arriving the US for the first time, I didn't quite know how to feel. 

Numb. I was numb.

My wife and daughter had arrived a day before. 

The plot was to travel separately so we would not be arrested at the airport as we fled the tyranny in my country.

People get arrested at the airport, and their passports seized if they were identified as critics of the government.

I was one of such critics.
waju abraham scam
waju abraham scam
Unlike the West, bad, bad things happen to those who criticize government openly in my country.

I've had my share of these "bad things" in the past. A bloodied head, and permanent eyesight damage are just a few of my battle scars.
This time however, I was happily married -with a beautiful daughter who means the world to me. Call me a coward, but tis hard to go to war when you have a family you love dearly.
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"People Were Beginning To Disappear Mysteriously"
Others were being thrown into jail on trumped up charges. Death threats were flying in through late night calls, and text messages.

On top of that, the government decided to categorize criticism as "hate speech".
"The Penalty Was DEATH 
-By Hanging"
"It Was Just Like IRAN -But Without The Nukes"
I knew I had to do something -before a "stray" bullet found the back of my skull, and cut me off from the living. My wife refused to leave without me.

And so we fled. 


Sometime in April 2019.

When my plane landed in Chicago that morning, I was lost in thought. 

I didn't have a work permit. I'd left a profitable business behind in Nigeria to start again from scratch in America...

"What should this man do?"

My hosts urged me to get one of those immigrant jobs while my asylum application was ongoing. After all, it was what people did when they found their way in -but there was a catch.

The pay was poor. And the work was killing.

After 2 months, I found a "mover job" that accepted me without. And thats when my miracle happened.
"I Had An Epiphany"
By 10am on my first day, my body was screaming in pain due to the heavy equipment I was hauling off the trucks and wheeling into the warehouse on a dolly.

Yet, my pride wouldn't let me quit, so I pushed on till 2pm when a voice from deep within my soul finally yelled...
"NO! This Is NOT For Me!!!"
I was done.

I was so sure of it, that I had tears in my eyes as I asked for forgiveness for accepting a destiny that wasn't mine.

It was like someone locked my mind in that state and threw away the key. All my fears of being homeless from lack vanished. All my fear of failure too.

"This is not for me. I'm so sorry" I said to the supervisor. "I can't do this"

And I clocked out and went home. I was determined to provide for my family in a less-stressful way.

For the next 2 days, I was in grievous muscular pain. And I used the time to think of what to do.

That was when I got an email from my friend Jason. And he was talking about a guy (Robby Blanchard) who was making up to $50,000 per day on Clickbank.
robby blanchard, best clickbank products to promote 2020

As soon as I heard "Clickbank", a sinking feeling filled my gut...

robby blanchard, best clickbank products to promote 2020
You see, I had a loooong love-hate relationship with Clickbank.

8 years ago, when I tried to join Clickbank back then in my country, I was shocked to learn that Nigeria was already blacklisted country on Clickbank, due to our ugly reputation as the world capital of online fraud.

And now, here I was in the US-of-freakin-A, and I still couldn't join because I still lacked a Social Security number.
"Then A Miracle Happened"
4 months later in October, my asylum application was approved by the US Government. I got my SSN, and joined Clickbank. I hooked up with Mr X, and joined his program. 

On the 29th of November 2019, I began promoting my first offer. 

24 hours later, I got my first sale.
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"From Then Onwards, It's Been Like Sliding Down A Giant, Exciting Water Slide...
The Easiest Money I Ever Made"
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best clickbank products to promote 2020
"On Christmas Day, 
I Hit My First $1000 Day
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My excitement was over the roof! 

I just made my entire rent and feeding in a single day! Thats hundreds of thousands of my local currency back home.

And it didn’t end there. 

Two days later, I made $1800+ in commissions. 
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Robby Interviewed Me, And Sent Me A Hero Hat For My Crazy Accomplishment. 
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robby blanchard, waju abraham, best clickbank products to promote 2020
A lot of people began coming to my inbox asking for tips. 

I was not just making money, I was now popular somewhat. 

I even made a few enemies...because, I simply didn't have the time to teach everybody who needed my help. I have 2 women in my life. A WIFE -and 3 year old daughter. You know women.

PLUS, I had my own business to attend to.

For a brief moment, I almost felt bad... 


Guilt That Others Who Started Before Me...REAL Americans...Weren’t Getting ANY Serious Results.  

Look, I’ll Be The First To Tell You This...
"I Am NOT A Guru!"
I’m not a Clickbank expert. 

I never knew "how to find hot products". 

I don’t know a lot of things most Clickbank gooroos talk about like tracking links and all.

But, I do have a particular skill-set that got me the crazy EPCs I was getting. 

It was when other people began asking me for tips...showing their sad results, that I understood. 

Before then I was too excited to notice. 

As far as I was concerned, the Clickbank affiliate process was simple enough for even a 10-year old to duplicate.
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Or Maybe Not...
According to these people asking for my help, their ads were usually okay. But it was taking them too many clicks to get a sale. 

In other words, the traffic was coming, but too few people were clicking through to the affiliate offer itself. 

"Their Landing Pages Were Hemorrhaging... Bleeding Their Campaigns To Painful Death"

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I began to see their mistake...

If they knew better, they would have put 80% of their efforts on the landing pages, like me...

That, my friend was one thing I did different in my Clickbank game.

I put 99% of my effort on MY landing page. I figure it was the one thing I had total control of. My landing page is my kingdom.
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"I Am King Of This Mountain!"
Turns out, I was just about born for such a time as this.

You see, when you spend your first 20 years as a stammerer, you start to pay attention to the written word.

I was bullied, deprived, treated like a leper growing up...and when I was cheated or lied upon, I could not even  report, much less defend myself.

It taught me early to depend on the written word. And not just that...

I learned to make every word count and have EFFECT on the intended audience. It's no mistake you've read this far. I've become really good at this over the years.

I later learned this skill is called copywriting, but who cares -so long as it gets results! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
"My Supercharged My Landing Pages Were NOW Generating $10,000+ PROFIT -Every Single Month"
While Almost Every Newbie Else Was Bleeding Money Like A Stuck Pig.
Even when Facebook shut down my ad accounts early January 2020 (and I had to start again from scratch -painfully), I still hit my $500 income days in 14 short days.

BOTTOMLINE: This sh!t works.
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Okay, enough stories. Here's the deal.

As you've seen, I have become pretty good at this stuff, and I've helped a few folks get profitable at it too...

But it gets tiring working one-on-one with everybody. 

So I came to a decision.

INSTEAD of draining my blood teaching one-on-one…

What if I referred them direct to the same person who coached me to instant success?
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Well…maybe not “instant” instant, but you get my drift, don’t you?
  • If you ever felt like a deer in the headlights just looking at your Clickbank marketplace, seeing products but not knowing what to promote, and wondering if you read your guru's refund terms clearly.
  • If you did EVERYTHING the gooroos said to do, and worked harder than a crackhead works for money...yet your heart sinks every time you hit REFRESH. 

    Like this affiliate below who came to me for help
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This Is For You!
  • If you all your marketing efforts have only ended in making Mark Zuckerberg richer...and by now, you're hearing all the harsh words of your ex from 5 years ago...
Like I Said, I Don't Have A Lamborghini.
But today I live in my dream home in just one year of arriving the USA from (somewhere Mr Trump calls) a sh!thole.
This Is Is More Than Just Another Shiny Object. 
It Is A Pole Vault Over The Biggest Setback Of Whimpering Clickbank Affiliates.
As you can see, I'm not selling you anything, just as I promised.
I'm Just Showing You What's Possible!
I am just passionately sharing my story with the world, and hoping 1, 2...maybe 10 more people like me can be created from Robby's program.
What Will You Do With $1000/Day? 
If you're anything like me, you wouldn't buy a Lamborghini either.

But I know you have one or two humble dreams you will love to make come true with that kind of income.
And Thats Why I Confidently Recommend Commission Hero Free Training To You.
See you inside.

PS: If you do grab the main course, be sure to send me an email with your receipt/proof of payment. 

I will be more than happy to give you added support along the way.
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